Calculemus-Flint is a method and a language for making legal texts machine-readable and comprehensible for people. An extensible open-source development platform, a toolbox that is continuously developed further in order to keep the fast-moving digital world abiding to human norms. The goal of the Calculemus-Flint project is to create explicit human and machine-readable specifications based on laws and other rulings and make this method applicable on a large scale so public service can be improved. The most important elements of the method are the following:

  1. Interpretation of juridical sources using the wording from the source.
  2. Interpretation is aimed at describing legally correct acts, the conditions that that acts need to adhere to and the results of that acts
  3. Maximal separation of concern, separating juridical sources from interpretation and from applying that interpretation for answering a normative question.
  4. Interpretations should be comprehensible for people with different backgrounds, including juridical people, government and business service people, IT-people and stakeholders.
  5. A detailed reference to the source.

You can access the current Calculemus-Flint material below (Code & Presentations):